Extra virgin olive oil

100% made in Italy

produced by a single olive grove


Our Philosophy

Small farms can make a better product

About 800 olive trees make a limited reserve of extra virgin olive oil, creating a new concept of Agri-food. Quality, people and location are the key

elements of our business.


Just to give you an idea, selecting olive tree varieties and crushing olives within five hours of harvest make us able to produce oil with a very low acidity profile. Moreover, in order to enhance the fragrance and preserve the natural contents, four cultivars of olives are cold pressed by mechanical means (below 27°C). Immediately after the crushing, the oil is stored in controlled atmosphere.


The color of the bottles preserve the quality of the oil by protecting it from the light while the unique square shape leaves the consumer with a lasting

impression of Entroterra.


experience, innovation and creativity

are merged to produce the highest quality of extra virgin olive oil

If you want to buy Inland EVO call us at +39 0824 83 22 22, alternatively go to the contact section and send us an email.

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